5 ways to childproof your smartphone



NEW YORK – If you allow your child to use your smartphone — for games and watching multimedia content — then you need to have some controls in place so as not to give too much access to the apps and personal data on your device.


To filter content and prevent purchases on Google Play store Launch Google Play, tap the Play store icon in the top left corner to open the menu. Go to Settings > Content filtering (under User Controls).

Choose the kind of maturity rating that applies to your child — Everyone, Low, High, etc. For example, apps with the “high maturity” rating may include violence, sexual references, profanity, etc. You will be prompted to enter a PIN, to prevent your kids from changing these settings.

Next, under Google Play settings (steps above), tap ‘Require password for purchases’ and change it to ‘For all purchases’ through Google Play on this device. Enter your Google ID password to confirm, and tap Ok.

App lock

Restrict apps with AppLock. If you want more control over what your child can or cannot access on your Android smartphone then install AppLock.

With this app you will be able to disable access to individual apps as well as device functions like voice calling, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data. It also lets you hide photos and videos in the Gallery app.


The Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can also be configured to be child-friendly with the help of its parental controls.

Tap Settings > General > Restrictions. Tap ‘Enable Restrictions’. Enter a passcode to enable and configure the parental control. The same code will be required when changing these restrictions or disabling it altogether.

Choose between the built-in apps (Camera, iTunes, in-app purchases, installing deleting apps, etc), content (third-party apps, website access) and functions (account settings, location services, etc) you don’t want your child to have access to.

Windows Phone

In Windows Phone 8, your kid can simply swipe left on the lockscreen to go to the OS’s Kid’s Corner and start using the apps that you have pre approved.

On the homescreen, swipe left to the App list, tap Settings > Kid’s Corner. Tap Next. Add the apps you want your child to have access to. When you’re done, tap Next > Set password (to prevent your child from accessing your Start screen instead of Kid’s Corner).

Type a password and tap ‘Done’. Tap ‘Finish’ to leave setup and open Kid’s Corner.

BlackBerry 10

You can also limit your kid’s access to certain functions on BB10 devices. Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Parental Controls. Enable Parent Controls.

Enable the relevant options — phone calls, text messages, camera, browser, uploads to YouTube, install remove apps, app purchases, etc — to configure how much access your child can have on your Black Berry device.

Enter a passcode to deter anyone from tampering with these controls. Do not share the PIN with your child.


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