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Youth Leadership:  Get Ready For The Bright Future | PakistanTribe.comHow education has been a priority for nations, civilizations & modern states. Khartoum, Cairo & Baghdad once known for their world class education where taken over by todays most advanced, modernized & civilized cultures. While the creators of modern chemistry, mathematics & science were driven towards the dark ages. Not too long ago but soon the world had realized how education can transform uncivilized nations in world super powers.

When one part of the world was building Oxford & Cambridge, the other part was busy in building multistory buildings in remembrance of their loved ones. The priority was in clear disguise. While Mughal Empire enjoyed a rule over sub-continent for centuries, people of same Empire in modern age are in misfortune.

Currently in our country there has been an unstoppable debate like every other topic which ends up nowhere, what educational system should we have? How many educational systems should we have? What kind of educational systems should we have? These are not mere questions, but serious concerns for a nation which has 67% of its population as youth who have to be fed wise in terms of education otherwise we are creating a disaster for the entire world.

Everyone has their own opinion, perception and idea how the educational system of Pakistan can be further strengthened and turned in to emerging or better syllabi’s if not one of the world’s best syllabi’s. My ideas and opinion on this issue have developed and evolved after thoroughly studying one of our hostile nation’s educational structures which has a great influence of “Experiential Learning”.

Not quite a long ago, I came to know about an organization in Pakistan working in developing youth as potential leaders of tomorrow entirely focusing on experiential learning. Youth Impact an Islamabad based organization having roots in over 100 cities of Pakistan has been doing an amazing job. The CEO of Youth Impact is a graduate of NOLS, one of the world’s leading wilderness certification institutions based in America. Youth Impact may not be providing full scale military training as Israel’s educational structure does but they are successfully providing the best concept of experiential learning; provided what possible resources in current Pakistani environment they have. At this point of time they are looking forward to another edition of Markhor, which is their premium product of hosting 100 potential youth from across the country in wilderness.

Only if we had this planned at an earlier stage where we could have created skilled, experienced & trained labor rather keeping our emphasis only on a degree oriented labor class.

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Jawad Nazir

Jawad Nazir is an idea entrepreneur, youth activist, philanthropist, policy advisor, aviation researcher, a speaker and a community worker from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. A graduate of journalism and political science from the University of Punjab, Lahore & a graduate in honors degree in brand management from the Foundation University, Islamabad.

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