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A Community I Love | PakistanTribe.comIn 2013, 77 participants from all over Pakistan gathered at Mukshpuri Peak, at the height of 9240ft, for the Pakistan’s First Wilderness Based Youth Leadership Conference-Markhor.

I love to think about the amazing moments which changed me into new “Maryam Farooq”. There are so many things, moments and activities that I love to share with others. Besides making many new friends, I had also learnt a lot. Before doing anything, I always recall the concept of Off-Trail and On-Trail behaviors and try to stay away from doing something wrong that is Off-Trail. I am thankful to “Markhor” for giving me this wonderful concept which brought a positive change in my personality.

We celebrated our winning moments and also congratulated other teams on their success. This practice helped me to develop a sportsmanship spirit within me.

My parents always advised me to pay attention and listen carefully but I never paid heed to what they say. Like Stephen R. Covey points out in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. In Markhor’13, I realized the importance of listening carefully which is an important tool for success.

The Markhor community had developed a strong connection. They used small gestures to show their concern for each other. They developed a sense of collaboration among themselves which produced better results. It always brings a smile on my face whenever I think about those lovely moments.

I found my best buddies in this amazing Markhor community, to whom I can trust and share my happy and sad moments. We used to share new and innovative ideas with each other. It creates positive vibes and guides us to lead our lives in the right direction.

I am hopeful to see these positive vibes in other communities too. May these Markhors spread all over the world and spread the message of peace, harmony and love.

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Maryam Farooq

Maryam Farooq is Markhor’13 Alumni. She is now working at a leading financial institution.

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