5 Things No Longer Bother You After Having Kids

baby on board | PAkistanTribe.com

5 Things No Longer Bother You After Having Kids | PakistanTribe.comKids Can Do Anything In Public

There were days when you were not feeling comfortable with the children’s noise or their habit to start anything, anywhere but now it a “Routine“ for you.

5 Things No Longer Bother You After Having Kids | PakistanTribe.comFull of Dirt Diapers

After having kids you can watch or change a diaper mid meal and then sit back down to eat without missing a beat.

drinking lot of coffee in a day isn't a big thing for you after having kids | PakistanTribe.comDrinking A Lot of Nicotine

Hope you can remember before kids when you said it kept you up at night? But now you can enjoy a lot of coffee or tea in a day.

mess in your car | PakistanTribe.comMess in Your Car

Eh, whatever. It’s not like you’re chauffeuring the queen around.

baby on board | PAkistanTribe.com“Baby On Board!”

There was a time when you were allergic from a signs like “Baby On Board” but now but now you’re like, “I wonder if I should get one?”

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