Between the Rock and Hard place

Between the Rock and Hard place | PakistanTribe.comBy putting all his eggs in a single basket, Imran Khan has dragged himself into a do or die situation. Politics is said to be the art of possibilities but it seems Mr. Khan has decided to play this game in the same fashion he used to play cricket, his old passion.

Failing to realize that the two are totally different ball games, Imran khan has tried to apply the same strategy in politics which is not working as a matter of course. The irony is he is not ready to change his game plan.

Every night he vows to his audience that ‘Azadi’ is only one step away; they should wait just two more days and it will be at their disposal. His every speech is muddled with old pledges and new deadlines. Starting with his typical ‘pakistanio’ (dear Pakistanis) and ending with ‘Allah ne mjhe chun lia hai’ (Allah has chosen me) like stuff, he sounds like a broken record.

His immature rather stubborn attitude seems to have now pushed him between a rock and a hard place.

On one hand there are his followers who have been overcommitted and over assured by him. He has promised them time and again to snatch their rights from the hands of the ‘evil’ even at the cost of his own life. ‘Azadi ya mot’ (either independence or death), he roared just recently. Should he retreat from his stance and agree on anything lesser than Nawaz Sharif’s resignation, he will definitely find it difficult to save his face. This will dismantle his supporters’ dreams. Beyond doubt, they will get hugely disappointed. Aside from his followers’ fantasies, this will be a serious blow to his own iron man image that he has effectively built.

On the other hand, there is pressure growing on each passing day from both internal and external stakeholders. By now all political parties, lawyers’ associations and civil society have not only distanced themselves from his ‘adventure’ but in some way or other condemned it. All have dubbed it as a contribution towards political instability and creating a space for the military to creep into the political arena. It is clear Imran khan is quickly running short of the political support.

The longer Imran Khan takes, the lesser will be his choices and the lower his chances of winning this game. He should contain himself from moving towards a dead end. It is already too late for him to adopt some meaningful strategy. He cannot storm PM house for sure nor he can get PM’s resignation like this. Then what he is waiting for? later than sooner, he has to bring something positive out of this madness. Otherwise it will be the ‘game over’ for none other than himself.

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Tahira Firdous

Tahira Firdous is an engineering graduate and currently enrolled in International relations Masters programme.

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