Robin Williams voice remains strong in ‘Absolutely Anything’

Robin Williams voice remains strong in 'Absolutely Anything' | PakistanTribe.comSAN FRANCISCO – It is now confirmed that Robin Williams’ voice remain strong in British comedy ‘Absolutely Anything.’

Earlier, there was some doubt about whether or not the Oscar-winning actor completed his voice-over work on “Absolutely Anything.”

Williams was set to voice Dennis the Dog, Simon Pegg’s character’s talking pet, but comments made by Pegg raised questions about whether or not Williams’ performance was finished.

Producers Bill Jones and Ben Timlett released a joint statement (via Empire) to clear the air, saying Williams very much finished recording his performance as Dennis the Dog.

“Contrary to reports, we are able to confirm that Robin Williams completed his voice work recording for the role of Dennis,” they say. “Everyone on the ‘Absolutely Anything’ team was distraught to hear the sad news and we send our condolences to Robin’s family.”

There is no official confirmation but its assumed that “Absolutely Anything” is expected to hit theaters in 2015.

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