On Imran Khan’s ‘Azadi’

On Imran Khan’s ‘Azadi’ | PakistanTribe.comImran Khan’s azadi march might be a prospect of ‘Naya Pakistan’ for his followers, it surely has confused not only PMLN government but also those who are not his followers, and neutral spectators watching this all from a distance.

Last night he has successfully entered the red zone and now he has vowed to storm the Prime Minister house if his demand is not met. His demand? Very straight forward. Sharif brothers must step down. Interestingly, Imran assures his audience that the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Punjab will grant them the ‘Azadi’ they are looking for. Really?

Even if the two Sharifs resign what will happen at most? If the protesters peacefully disperse after the resignations, new Prime Minister and Chief Minister will be elected from the same assemblies. Or if Imran khan extends his demand to the dissolution of assemblies, new elections will be held. Or if in the meanwhile country cripples with uncontrollable violence, the army will intervene and then all will be in the hands of the military’s top brass.

In all these scenarios, where is the possible ‘azadi’ Imran and his followers are sighting for? Do Imran and his followers really believe that once Nawaz Sharif is out of the PM house, all the chains of slavery of a common person of Pakistan will be broken away? All the corruption and flaws of the system will simply evaporate in the air? The ways of the political, business and military elite will change at once? All malfunctioning of all the institutions will be automatically fixed? Or at least the new elections if held will be hundred and one percent free and fair?

Even an average person knows that despite reforms, hundred percent free elections are not possible at the moment in the country. Here the local electoral politics is so complex and the different kinds of pressure groups on ground are so many that despite excellent reforms on the paper, at least the present system cannot gain the capacity of implementing those in a day.

As far as the claim that system will automatically change when Nawaz Sharif is gone, it is absolutely ridiculous. Or does Imran khan plan that after Nawaz Sharif, he will come forward, do the reforms, run this country? Imran is a popular political leader of this country but he is not a unanimous leader for sure. Who has given him a right to himself becomes the representative of all the people of this country? If there are people who regard him as their leader, there are so many others whose leader is Nawaz Sharif or someone else.

The crowd in Islamabad is not a kind of crowd that comes out of the homes by its own. The people there have been gathered by a political party and represent that political party. So the argument that during revolutions, crowds find their own ways, topple the old regimes and themselves ensure their supremacy is baseless. World history is evident to the fact that revolutions come in the societies where all the sections of the society irrespective of their political, social and economic identity take to the streets.

And even if it is an uprising, Pakistan cannot afford the one at this point of its existence. The lessons from Middle East teach that it takes no longer for Arab spring to convert into an ‘Arab winter’. Like Middle East, this region has been a center for proxy wars among various international players. Any uprising will soon fell prey to those powerful hands. Local players will then be thrown out of the equation.

So what is imran khan upto in Islamabad? This is a question he and his followers should ponder over more than anyone else.

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Tahira Firdous is an engineering graduate and currently enrolled in International relations Masters programme.

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