Brock Lesnar just demolished John Cena at WWE SummerSlam



NEW YORK – SummerSlam 2014 wasn’t too good to John Cena. The WWE Superstar lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Brock Lesnar, who completely owned John in the match with a series of body slams and brutal pummels to the face.

The Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena face-off was quite the fight. The massive 6’3 wrestler decimated John at the SummerSlam event at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Aug. 17.

The crowd watched as Brock continually body-slammed John and viciously jabbed John with his knee in the ribs. John got a few good punches in, but he was no match for Brock.

Brock would just throw John around like a rag doll and John weakened over the course of the match. Brock flashed a victorious grin as he continued to dominate the SummerSlam match-up.

The match lasted over 15 minutes and Brock reigned supreme. Brock eventually pulled John to his feet and showed off his signature move, the F5, on John for the three count, the outlet reports.

Brock is now your new WWE Heavyweight Champion! Sorry Cenation, Brock had the upper hand in the ring this time around, but we have a feeling John will be coming back with a vengeance at their next match-up.

Below are the complete results from SummerSlam 2014, as well as a recap for each match.

Brock Lesnar OVER John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Lesnar defeated Cena handily, in one of the most dominant WWE title performances in years. After hitting an F5 within the first 30 seconds, Lesnar continued to hit Cena with German supplexes. Cena shortly mustered some offense and hit an Attitude Adjustment, but Lesnar kicked out and was never in any real danger.

Stephanie McMahon OVER Brie Bella

Stephanie controlled the first part of the match, until Brie took over in the second half. Triple H and Nikki Bella came out towards the end, and the COO of WWE dragged the referee away before Stephanie could tap to the Yes! Lock. Nikki came into the ring and the Bella’s had Stephanie cornered, but Nikki turned on her sister and Stephanie hit a Pedigree for the victory.

Roman Reigns OVER Randy Orton

Reigns continues his rise to the top of the card, defeating Orton with a Spear to end the match. It looked like Orton might get the victory, as he turned a potential Superman Punch into an RKO, but Reigns kicked out and went on to get the win.

Seth Rollins OVER Dean Ambrose (Lumberjack Match)

The match stole the show, likely becoming one of the best Lumberjack matches of all time. Ambrose and Rollins made their way into the crowd for a portion of the match, and the wrestlers at ringside got heavily involved. Ambrose used Rollins’ Curb Stomp against him, but Kane broke up the pin. After all of the lumberjacks got involved in the ring, Rollins used his Money in the Bank briefcase against Ambrose to win the match.

Paige OVER AJ Lee (Divas Championship Match)

Paige entered the match as the underdog, but she left as a two-time Divas Champion. She countered AJ’s Black Widow submission and knocked her out for the pinfall.

Rusev  OVER Jack Swagger (Flag Match)

With the winner needing to get a pinfall or submission for the victory, Rusev kept his winning streak in WWE alive. He didn’t get Swagger to tap out to the Accolade, but the Real American lost when he passed out during the submission. After the match, the Russian national anthem was played and Rusev kicked Zeb Coutler.

Bray Wyatt OVER Chris Jericho

Even without Luke Harper or Erick Rowan ringside, Bray was able to get the victory. After hitting Jericho with Sister Abigail outside the ring, he did it one more time for good measure to get the win.

Dolph Ziggler OVER The Miz (Intercontinental Championship Match)

SummerSlam started with a surprise as Ziggler took the belt off The Miz to start the show.

Rob Van Dam OVER Cesaro (Kickoff Match)

RVD hit a Five-Star Frog Splash for the victory on the SummerSlam pre-show.



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