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KARACHI – Military based dramas and movies get popular really quickly all over the world mainly because they are based on an intense blend of emotions – patriotism, valour and courage. In our case, PTV has presented some outstanding army based plays that are still very popular among nation. Today we have picked up top 5 of those plays for you to watch if you haven’t already!

Sunhare Din

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Shoaib Mansoor is the other name of perfection; Sunhare Din was his proud presentation that went on air from PTV. Director Shoaib Mansoor and comparatively new cast including Saleem Sheikh, Aliya Kazmi, Kiran, Hameed Waine and Azra Mansoor made a wonderful team together thus the serial became extremely popular right after the airing of its first episode and is still well-known. Sunhare Din is the story of young cadets of Pakistani Military Academy, it reflects their rough and tough life with a slight sugarcoating of witty humor.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

11 5 Military Based Dramas Everyone Should Watch

Me, personally, or anyone else who have had the pleasure of watching Alpha Bravo Charlie would definitely rate this serial as the best drama of all times. It is truly an asset for PTV Lahore Center and had been televised several times successfully evoking same enthusiasm and interest among the audience each time.  This action thriller series was first televised on May, 1988. It is said to be the sequel of famous military based drama Sunhare Din. Alpha Bravo Charlie is the story of three friends; Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher belonging to different backgrounds but military connect and bound them to an unending friendship bond. The female lead Shahnaz has done wonderfully in the play opposite Gulsher, still clippings of few scenes of these two actors circulate on social media websites. Alpha Bravo Charlie was a lifelike, well scripted, well directed and an overall marvelous play that not only revives our patriotism but also fuels up our love for our military.

Wilco – Call of duty

There seems to be a gap in the making and airing of military based plays after Sunhare Din and Alpha Bravo Charlie, although few plays can be traced which mainly dealt with the burning issue of Kashmir but considering only a single play that really stood out after these two plays has to be Wilco. Wilco was a joint venture of Abdullah Kadwani and Hamayun Saeed. Honestly speaking, it can’t be compared to the classic military based plays we mentioned above but still it was a very good effort by Hamayun – who played Major Sarim, the main lead of the play. The OST of the play that was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is still very popular.

Sipahi Maqbool Hussain

Sipahi Maqbool Hussain is another heart throbbing army based drama that shouldn’t be missed by any Pakistani. This actually was a tribute to Sipahi Maqbool Hussain who was declared missing after the war of 1965. He was imprisoned in India, where he was tortured and abused by Indian army who apparently didn’t consider any of the human rights. PTV’s senior director Haider Imam Rizvi directed this reality based play. According to him, during the shooting of this play he and his entire team had been reduced to tears several times. He also declared this play one of the best projects he had done throughout his career, “In my opinion, the production of ‘Sipahi Maqbool Hussain’ is more significant than all the 40 serials that I have produced in my entire career.”

Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aage

banner 1 5 Military Based Dramas Everyone Should WatchFaseel-e-Jaan Se Aage was a drama series based on the true stories of Pakistani soldiers who exhibited remarkable valour and bravery during the insurgency in Swat. Launched by ISPR & CRS and televised by PTV, this series reflect the lives and struggle for the war against terrorism of common Pakistanis and army jawans. Faseele Jaan Se Aage is an amazing mimicry of intense emotions; patriotism, friendship, love, hatred, bravery, valour and sacrifice.

How many of these plays have you watched already? Feel free to add your personal favourite military based dramas to the list.

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