Brought up of an offspring… The demise of our nation… The point to ponder over!

Brought up of an offspring... The demise of our nation... The point to ponder over! | PakistanTribe.comGetting ready with the help of a fairy to get into the ball dance party set at a prince’s castle to choose the bride among the most beautiful ladies of the town…. Poor Cinderella forgot her glass shoes at prince’s door step… A handsome man’s kiss to wakeup a sleeping gorgeous girl… sleeping beauty finally opened her eyes at his sparkling touch…!

“What the girls are up to now days, talking about all filmy stuff at young ages, the media has spoiled the culture of our society, when we were young we were taught discipline, manners, love and affection rather than vulgarity”, So called aunties may be heard worrying about other’s daughters with heavy heart in various family get-together. Have you ever wondered the reason why? Why the culture has spoiled that our morals have shattered to the lowest grades. It is not that the ability of producing intellectual minds has been demolished among the wombs of nation’s mothers; it is the ability of educating and building basic moral characters that has been crucified among the so called first school of a child. Yes I am critiquing the mother of today, who are reluctant in creating men of honor, who have crushed the mind set and basic school of thoughts.

I never have come across the important of assigning imagination and creativity to a child, until my niece asked me to tell her a story of a princess. Unlike all the other times, when I used to tell her about Barbie, Cinderella, snow-white, sleeping beauty… but this time I read her question again at the back of my head… repeating each word she has said… And I answered her let me tell you the story of a princess… “Hazrat Fatima (R.A) the beautiful daughter of our beloved prophet Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.W)”. She is the true princess, who depicts the real beauty of a woman, being the best of daughter, the best of wives, the best of mothers and the best of all women on the earth. Her flawless beauty justifies her existence as a princess of the world and hereafter. Instead of making our child get impressed by unrealistic wealth of imaginary kings, why don’t we share with them the story of the wealthiest King on earth ever, King Hazrat Suleiman (R.A), who held his kingdoms spread over all the lands and the skies with the will of Allah. Why have we crushed our young brains by amusing them with the strength and power of Hercules, while we should have inspired him with the bravery of Hazrat Ali (R.A)? Why each of our children know the adventurous false story of Jack and the beans Stalk, when he should be made aware of the true journey of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) on the skies to meet Allah in Shab e Miraj?

It is our fault that we have made our little innocent minds get the impact of revealed glittering beauty as the source of attraction while our beauty is in staying covered and pure. Instead of raising the voice of men women equality, teach our child the “Man” is assigned the responsibility of being the pillar of a family and has been made strong and a “Woman” draws Jannah under her feet when she is labeled with the tag being mother. We are the mother and father of today and tomorrow, and it’s our responsibility to make the society a better and prosperous place, do realize that how and in what ways we are wrong and try to rectify before it’s too late.

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Javeria Raees studying MBA at University of Karachi.

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