A quarter of people throw a sickie on first day back from holiday



LONDON – Coming back from holiday can be traumatic, even more if you have to be back at work the following day. 

That is why, perhaps, a quarter of people admitted to having called in sick at least once on their first day back from holiday – even though they were absolutely fine.

But maybe best to call in sick and let your holiday mood fade, or you could annoy your colleagues.

Foreign exchange company Travelex said that some 30 per cent of those polled did not like fellow workers still in holiday mode. 

And fresh from the glow of a holiday, around a quarter of people spend their lunch hours daydreaming about their next trip.

And nearly half admit to being distracted and forgetful at work when returning from a break, according to the survey.

When it comes to preparing for the holiday, male holidaymakers tend to pack on the day of departure while 40 per cent of women start filling suitcases a week in advance.

The survey, which polled 2,000 in-work adults who had been on holiday, also found that almost 60 per cent feel relaxed as soon as they put their feet up in their destination hotel.


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