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Markhor14, Its not Halla Gulla | PakistanTribe.comMajority of people are of the opinion that Markhor is nothing but another adventure club thing who take youth to the mountains and set them free.

Markhor is way different and when we say it is a wilderness based leadership conference, we really mean it.

Being an alumnus of the conference let me tell you how it is not just a Halla Gulla type of trip but a proper leadership conference.

  1. All your poses which you have been thinking about lately for capturing snapshots are dumped by the time you reach there. Your mobile phones and cameras are all taken away from the organizers and you are left on your own. When girls can’t pout in front of camera, obviously the fun part is long gone. All they can do is to be friends with the social media team or lurk around the people having DSLR cameras in their hands.
  2. With no connectivity with the rest of the world, all you are left with is to connect with either nature or the people you are with. That is the prime objective of it, and when you really connect with the people around you; that is exactly when you realize that this thing is not just an ordinary trip.
  3. The time line and schedule for the conference is so tight that there are days when your lunch is served with the breakfast because you won’t be getting time for proper lunch. The jam packed activities are so tiring that at the end of the day, no one has the energy to have some fun around and rather everyone tries to find a peaceful little corner by the fire.
  4. The sessions which involve the keynote speakers are so interactive that simply carries you away. You are so indulged in all those sessions and activities that the mere idea of sneaking away with your mate for a drink or something never crosses your mind.

Don’t worry. There are moments when you can show your hidden dance moves or any other skill as they have bonfire, open mic sessions and cultural nights for the participants but the typical meaning of fun or trip is something simply contradicting to what Markhor is.

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Zubair Ahmed Khokhar

Zubair Ahmed Khokhar is a graduate from Punjab University and Markhor’13 Alumni. He loves to travel and to make sketches. He is co-founder of Kachi Pencil.

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