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The Home Makeover | PakistanTribe.comWith less than a week left in Eid; the streets are filled with the hustle and bustle of enthusiastic individuals, yearning to find and get hold of the hottest trends to set their mark among friends and family. In a society like ours with ever-changing trends, the race to remain on top of their game is an arduous one. However, with the right amount of research and practice, you too can achieve the next show-stopper in home decor.

Starting off with the home theme that has been cherished for decades; the European inspired life-style is one trend that never fades. From French windows to British tea sets, the classic and elegant feel and look never cease to impress. In timeless films like ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ to the newer ones like ‘Aisha’, the luxurious lifestyle is always depicted effortlessly by the European art design, that have highly influenced the set of trends that rule our society.

Home Decor: Table Lamp options for the home decoration | PakistanTribe.comDressers, tea sets, lamps, candelabras and knick knacks inspired by the culture of Europe are hands-down a safe bet. When integrating the euro look in the living or drawing, one must be particular about the colour schemes. Gold, black, red, white and silver are your palette for this theme. However, if the theme gets too monotonous for you, a pinch of funk can be added for vibrancy addition to the place.

Talking about funk, the next theme is the epitome of avant-garde and experimenting. An African-inspired theme is one of the latest and most popular trends so don’t think twice on investing in it because it’s here to stay. From vibrant colours to unconventional designs and material, your living can be your canvas to think outside the box and then getting some massive appreciation for it.

Home Decor: Bedroom set option in home decoration | PakistanTribe.comThis season, it’s best to venture into different designs, with acclaimed designers like Gareth Pugh, Tom Ford, Versace and Marc Jacobs, all venturing into avant-garde and hard-hitting fashion. This trend is all about the colours and design, with shades of orange, black, blue, brown and white. A good print is your best friend, if you’re aiming to really hit off the trend, try funky designs and prints, but if trying to keep the theme a bit grounded, an animal print is the best option.

From decades we have been seeing animal prints and leather to be incorporated into our home fashion; from couches to cushions, these two things never fail to impress and they never fade out of style either. Bedding, rugs, lamps, trunks and candle stands are some really nice options for this theme. So don’t hesitate to get a hold of some empowering snake print and a stunning, eye-catchy lamp.

These themes are really soaring high internationally, the former one being a classic and the latter a storming trend. While, shopping for these trends isn’t difficult abroad, it is rather challenging to hunt for some unique stuff here. No worries now, lifestyle store Khas has a new line inspired by the latest trends in Europe, Africa and Asia; all three places have some individual yet defying styles.

Tray design to use while decoration your home | PakistanTribe.comTheir French dressers, jars and bath sets for the European theme are beautiful. The African theme also features some really nice trunks, bedding, tables and decor, not to forget their avant-garde lamp that is love at first sight! The Asian influenced items are must haves too. So this Eid, give your guests a home they want to keep looking at admiringly.

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