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Learning That Empower Me | PakistanTribe.comI delayed writing this post for as long as I possibly could. The reason behind my procrastination wasn’t a lack of interest. Rather it was my fear, forcing me to act irresponsibly.

The fear of sharing my real opinion, of getting judged for not being able to come up with some ‘intellectual-sounding’ stuff for this blog. I was afraid my words wouldn’t be right enough, impactful enough.

But then, this morning happened.

I woke up and suddenly saw things in a different light. (An overnight epiphany perhaps? :p) I realized that more than the right words, Markhor’13 experience requires passion to be retold. A deep, maddening desire to share with others the paradigm shift I experienced there. How it’s each and every component turned out to be metamorphic for me and fed my passion for learning.

From the 3 hour must-beat-the-other-tribe kinda crazy hike to reaching the gorgeous campsite to interacting with fellow attendees to all the leadership enhancing activities to the closing ceremony – I learnt like I had never learnt before. I learnt that great things always happen between the lines. After breakout sessions, during meals or at the end of conference day, the conversations with other participants: yes, their significance cannot be trivialized. These interactions are the most intelligent way to meet individuals who are driven by a passion and purpose similar to yours.

I learnt how nobody’s perfect, but a team can be. Discovering and utilizing the unique strengths of each team member and then forging them together always yield a more creative and successful outcome. Power of collaboration can never be undermined.

Another thing I observed through Markhor’13 is that both IQ & EQ are the yin and yang of an impactful life. Being the smartest person in the room never alone guarantees success. You need to be empathetic, deeply human and emotionally intelligent as well. Those three days at the top of Mukshpuri peak compelled me to analyze my approach towards life and then work towards equipping myself with a deeper respect and understanding for human nature.

Last but not the least, my time at Markhor’13 instilled in me the desire to grow bigger and better by taking risks, making mistakes and never giving up on my dreams.

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Hibba Saeed is a learning-enthusiast, traveler, once-in-a-blue-moon sketcher.

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