Sex Life of Khan

Sex Life of Khan

Perhaps Khan is the only Pakistani leader who confessed not to be an angel in past. Perhaps if not anything else then the mongler(s) must learn a thing or two from him in this regard. After all one day or the other everything that took place behind closed doors of studios would come out itself.

Intelligence of the mongler(s) thickens its cloak. Five steps right, four steps left and two ahead. That’s the tweeting strategy to handle the trolls; and when someone gives a better argument then creating altogether a new non-issue sweeping the old one under the cloak. That’s what the mongler(s) does and has been doing so far.

What else the mongler(s) does? A top brass whose car shines with three stars compared the mongler(s) with a shepherd who would not mind fulfilling animal-instincts from the herd. The brass claims to have not seen such an insecure sycophant who would ‘get ready to bite’ every other they try to hire. “Whenever we try to bait another he starts anti-tactics in full swing just to ensure I’m still available and competent,” to be in exact words.

Who would do that? First, a sycophant, a mongler who in egoistic blindness would compromise to reveal Khan’s folded life in an email. Second, a bootlicker who would utter not a single word on an anti-housewife budget but gives minute-to-minute details on London Arrest. Third, a sexist who would serve the American Lobby but twists an unwanted statement to bring down someone else’s trouser.

The top brass rightly said “This sycophant is useless. A beholder of the career which started by compromising with a woman and continued on the same truce. Don’t we know who eats in whose plates along with life partners? The real worth is that whole life a ‘senior’ sycophant would not even know who the real master was.”

But one day or the other everything that took place behind closed doors studios and while wearing the thick cloak of primetime would come out itself.

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