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Tomorrow is Mine | PakistanTribeWe are all embodied with regrets, defeats, weaknesses and sorrows. How do we get beyond them: by turning over a new leaf. Can’t we turn this small, essential part of the Plantae kingdom on a large scale? Why not change ourselves completely for the better?

No doubt life is a struggle and it won’t give us compensations. We have to live it anyway. What do we search for in life? All I can process is we all strive for happiness (believe me there is an ‘i’ in it despite what Will Smith’s classic states). Well if we are that happy then surely put the ‘y’ in happYness. We saw a movie; we felt the emotions but not the happYness that Will Smith felt. That was his struggle’s fruit and only he could taste it the best.

Watching movies all our life won’t make it better. If we want to feel the happYness Will Smith felt, we need to get out of our rooms and earn it. Time is crazy; it beguiles us and passes by while we are all left dreaming.

Yet, we have to wait for it… wait for it. Success is not guaranteed for every inch of effort we put in. Persistence and hard work is what we utterly need. Lose…lose…keep losing until we win.

It’s a cliché that a person is never contented. No matter what we achieve, we’ll still feel a void and a desire for more. Here we feel the need for other people in our life; the satisfaction of love and gratitude. A self-centered life is not a happy life. So, cultivate a kind and caring disposition. Sometimes, a sincere smile, hug or a pat on the back is all we need to go on. At times it’s not ourselves but others who are the reason for us to live, strive and thrive. We may feel that we are doing others favor but look closely… it’s they who are doing us the favor.

Indecisiveness is not unusual. Happens… Solution: Follow the instincts and get rid of it. Life’s biggest decisions rest on what our heart says rather than what our mind says. Well, obviously heart has nothing to do with our thinking but let’s not go on the biological side.

Lastly, enjoy. Travel, discover and amalgamate knowledge. Only then we might feel that the world is our oyster.

 Dedicated to Miss Judat Khan who passed away recently. An adroit and reasonable English teacher with impeccable teaching records. A foreign covert who loved Pakistan more than most of the Pakistanis do and infused success in the careers of thousands of people. I will forever be indebted to her massive contribution to my English and making it understandable to my readers.

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Hamza Jamil

Hamza Jamil is a student at NUST Business School.

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