Jallianwala bagh Part 2

Jallianwala bagh Part 2 | PakistanTribeDoes  17 June 2014 and 13 April 1919 sounds synonymous to you? No it doesn’t !!If you ask the youth about 13th of April 1919, they will definitely look at the sky, will try to recoil and say that they have read it in their 8th standard Pakistan Studies book but don’t remember it right now.

But those people who have read history will definitely find a resemblance in these dates.
On both these days a mass massacre was carried out.On 17th of June and 13 th of april the State showed its power by killing the innocent people.Extreme examples of brutality were set.On both the days Government’s officials gave the orders to shoot straight at the crowd.
13 april 1919 is the day on which Jallianwala Bagh incidence took place.1600 rounds were fired at the peaceful public who had gathered in the Jallianwala bagh on the day of Baisakhi.The Sub continent was under the British Rule at that time.Muslims,Skihs and Hindus were having a peaceful gathering on which General Daier opened fire and firing was continued leaving somewhat 300 + people dead. The main cause of this firing was the showment of the power of the state.The state wanted the citizens to relize that it’s the British Rule that is powerful.General daer was forcefully retired and send back to England but nothing was done against him and he led a peaceful life there.
Now if we look at 17th June incident which occurred about a month ago, when police opened fire at the public and injured 200+ people we are forced to believe that police tried to pay a full tribute by repeating the history in setting up Jallianwala Part 2 in Model Town Lahore.
People ruthlessly shot the women and men killing 14 people at the spot and injuring 200+ . I still believe that it was due to the availability of medical facilities that the injured survived otherwise the death toll would have risen more.
Its 21st Century and we are living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Its a democratic state which is supposed to protect the basic rights of the citizens.In democracy the chief minister is supposed to resign on such a incident.The resign of a mere minister and chief secratery isn’t enough.I lived in London for a long time. When ever any such incident occurs it’s the chief who resigns not his sub ordinates.
Its not the issue here that the hurdles set up out side the house of Tahir ul Qadri were legal or illegal ? Lets suppose for one  moment that those hurdles were illegal and were ought to be removed.Even then who gave  the authority to police and administration to kill the innocent people on the roads.Its a million dollar question here.Are we still living in a British colony where the General Daer still survives?
14th August is near and we will be celebrating the 67th Independence  day but how will you explain the meaning of independence to the victims of Model Town incidence who survived the Jallianwala part-2 ?

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