5 Misconceptions of Trainings

training in PakistanIn my experience as a trainer, training is the most misinterpreted department. For finance guys, it’s just wastage of time and money, for sales guys, it’s like a gerund, ‘What have we done wrong?’ for the youth, it’s just an addition to the heavy educational burden cherished almost by each one of them today. It’s a continuous battle of whether or not to attend a training session….A battle of wills.
I have etched out FIVE major causes of misconceptions in trainings:

It’s a busy world and among all who are busy, students are at the top or they rather pose to be. Modern  education has already put most of our youth in a pressure cooker, so, naturally, sparing extra time for trainings seems an unwelcoming idea, so we usually hear; “I am too busy studying, I would not be able to spare time for anything else.”
Whereas I believe that trainings are more beneficial than conventional education and will probably help achieve better grades as training is usually the practical version of the books we so are absorbed in.

Some trainings surely are expensive and most people are afraid of trainings purely because they believe them to be super pricy. But this misconception is to be cleared that good trainings need not be expensive. A good training is that that identifies the area of weakness and dire the required solution through an effective training session.

Trainers knowledge:
Over the time, I have seen that timocracy rules over our society. Timocracy means the ‘power of age’. People are prone to accept the word of an aged fellow over that of a younger one. So a young trainer has to face the sarcasm of many aged officials questioning his/her knowledge over their years of experience.
Well, to those; No one is denying your experience; it’s just that the younger generation is more proficient in keeping up with the pacing time and also caters a broader vision than their predecessors. And it’s not only about experience now, it’s about the exposure you possess.

A training in time saves nine:

Treating trainings as a last resort is a common practice. And when the ship is in dangerous water, a trainer is called and is expected to resolve all matters with a single session. Most trainers also tend to offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ session which ultimately leads to a falsified misconception about the ineffectiveness of the trainings. A good session must always be be-spoken by the receivers to suit the desired results


There is no scale to measure the effectiveness of a training session, so most people are unsure of the gains until tested in a real-life situation. Most people like to rate their training sessions by the amount of take-aways, certificates or the souvenir hampers provided during or after the sessions. The misconception retains as the appropriate gains of a session are not measured, discouraging the subject from future involvement in such activities.

I’d like to add a far more misconceptions, but here I just listed the top five I figured the people needed to know.

Hope you clear your misconceptions.

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Arslan Javed

Arslan Javed is a Life Skills Choreographer/ Trainer.

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