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Things to consider while joining a Society/Organization | PakistanTribe.comMan is a symbolic creation of God. He was sent to live on this planet to submit to His orders and live together in peace and harmony. But, as the time passed a few among the mankind forgot this message and went astray, creating havoc for others. However, there were always a few men who kept on spreading the message of peace and let people have faith in in humanity and the essence of it. In past they were called Prophets; men of noble character, who spent their lives to create a better world for the inhabitants of the Planet Earth. In today’s world the responsibility to preserve man’s trust in humanity lies on our shoulders. The question arises, how?

Well, the answer to it is quite simple. Join in with the people who have same ideas as you, helping humanity in certain aspect. Making it even simpler join some society or an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which has a philosophy same as yours, and aims at helping the people improve their living standards, teaching them skill to live life and so on. This all seems so simple and easy but before joining a community or NGO or any other organization there is a lot to reconsider, because this decision of ours put a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. Prior to joining a social service (since all of it is social service i.e. helping humanity) one must ponder upon the following questions and try to answer them eg.

  1. What do you want to do?
    If you know what type of activity you want to get involved in, you can search for an organization that will suit your needs? When you have worked out what you would like to do, you should think about the type of organization you want to be part of.
  2. How much time can you spare?
    One must realize joining such an organization is not just for fun; one has to commit time out of daily life routine for the cause. You will have readjusted your schedule to give ample time to all of your daily life routine.
  3. Level of commitment
    Well this is one of the important questions to answer. Since most of us are busy in studies at colleges, universities and in jobs etc, one must ponder upon how committed we can be to the organization. We have to help the humanity but it may not be at the expense of our career.
  4. The people you want to spend time with
    one must have knowhow of the organization with which you wish to work with. The kind of people working there, their age group, their level of interaction with the society, their past history etc. you must be aware of that.
  5. Skills
    Yeah, one must be having certain set of skills and trainings to get along moreover help others in spreading the message and one must be willing to attain some new skills as well.
  6. Your values, principles, religious or cultural affiliations
    it can be very motivating and exciting to join an organization with people who share your vision and beliefs.
  7. Things you don’t want to do
    you may not be comfortable with performing some tasks within an organization. Let the organization know, so they can assign you with the task you are comfortable at performing.
  8. Making contact

Once you have found an organization that might suit your needs, make contact and ask some questions to ensure that it is the right organization for you.

Here are some questions to consider:

a)      If you want to take an informal role:

  • Can you just turn up and contribute without taking on a formal role?
  • Will you have to pay membership fees or other costs?
  • Is the community organization an informal group, or does it have a legal status?
  • Will taking part affect your paid job or studies
  • Can you take part outside business or school hours?

b)      If you want to take on a more formal role:

  • What roles are available?
  • How much time do you need to have available?
  • Are there any age restrictions?
  • Do you need special training, experience or qualifications?
  • What happens if you decide to leave?

And last but not the least enjoy…. J

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