Casting Couch or Red Dial

Casting Couch and Red Dial sth

Silence on heinous transgression could breed monsters and ultimately result in collapse of the whole civilization. It was a piece of writing from March which now needs a broader and near to accurate explanation.

Professional monglers have remarkably cloaked themselves in layers and layers of appearances that some blind-for-life followers seize to acknowledge the sexual advances.

Blind-for-life followers can lambast a compliment about an eye-brow but compliance with a derogatory profession by a mongler would mean nothing serious. Reason? Because the monglers wear such a thick cloak that even a sixteen-years-education failed to give their victims a perspective vision of what is happening around.

However, there are some who wake up on one fine morning show to realize that ‘they were forced into casting couch in return of the single adjustment’. Unfortunately, until then they were being flushed out to fight an acidified trauma. Only then you realize that it is not only acid attack clutches who walk free but the pious court system has zero decree over heinous monglers.

Then there are those who know how to cash their cards. Though after few years but they get to a mongler and make him bow to lick international symbols of bravery.

There is only one option left which could be utilized and that is someone has to take a stand. Obviously when you cannot identify a mongler from his appearances, from what he does, from what he plays, eat and drink then taking a stand is the option you are left with. A mongler is not Pisces, or wears blue shirt with French collar and stripped tie, or kurta with a red dial wrist watch. Unfortunately you have to identify a mongler from the casting couch-ness.

There is no such law in the land of the pure which could get the justice for a mongler’s victim. The only so-called Anti-Harassment Bill (2010)’s effectiveness is very well described by this para as it states:

“The harassment usually occurs between colleagues when they are alone, therefore usually it is difficult to produce evidence. It is strongly recommended that staff should report an offensive behavior immediately to someone they trust, even if they do not wish to make a formal complaint at the time.”

This toilet-paper law only deals with the cases at workplaces and does not acknowledge harassment through emails, BBMs and facebook. Moreover, even at workplaces a victim requires the eye witnesses to prove the claim.

So, at one point or other, one has to make a choice between revealing the casting couch of a mongler or keep lurking for a red dial.

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