10 skills necessary for a better career

10 skills necessary for a better career | PakistanTribe.comPursuing a better career isn’t just as easy as we think it is. Believe you me it just doesn’t come with a fancy degree merely, it requires a lot other as well, some common yet uncommon skills.

Industry leaders aren’t looking forward for you to bring a degree on their table, rather some new ideas and skills set.

By conducting interviews of industry leaders and experts, we found out following 10 skills which all of them are seeking for:

1)    Communications skills:It doesn’t matter how much you know and how well you know, the industry doesn’t give a worth unless you know how to communicate the message. Your communication needs to be precise, clear and convincing. It is like building salesmanship within yourself.

2)    Team Spirit:Every company or organization is based upon a group of people called as Founders, it is a team who strives for development n success of company. And guess what? It takes the same to keep that success going, yes, a team. The employers don’t want a one man army, rather a person who has team spirit and knows how to work within a group of people

3)    Self-discipline:Yes they are going to provide you necessary training for you to get start, but they are not going to do your baby sitting. You have to be self-disciplined. To become a manager of a team on a project in future, you first have to learn to be a manager for yourself.

4)    Networking skills: In today’s competitive market of job hunting, your networking is your net-worth. Doesn’t matter how busy you are meanwhile your study or your first job, you have to create your presence in different forums n events, you have to be where professionals n leaders are.

5)    Self-awareness:This global village is more crowded as ever, you can’t know everyone as they are. But guess what, you can deeply be aware about one personality, and that is yourself. You have to be aware about your strengths, weaknesses, interests, playing fields. If you can’ know yourself, what will make your employer think that you can be aware about the company and its problems?

6)    Problem solving:You don’t have solutions, you are not the solution, as you are not the solution, what makes you think you’ll get a bright career? You got to be aware about the market problems along-with their solutions.

7)    Analytical skills:The reason they push you to do a thesis in your graduation is to polish your critical thinking and analytical skills, it is what a corporate world wants. Believe you me they gonna through you a problem and you will have to come up with a solution within 5 minutes in your interview, and this requires analytical skills.

8)    Writing skills:Do you know that they are teaching HOW TO BLOG in USA and UK? Your writing skills depicts your personality. It shows the way you think, the way you express and the way you feel. It shows you genuinely.

9)    Public Speaking/Presentation skills:Speaking infront of a multitude is one of the most common yet biggest fear in freshmen. Public speaking polishes your communication skills n boosts up your confidence.

10)    PASSION: I don’t care how well you have polished your rest of the skills, but if you are not working on your passion, you are not going to have a bright career ahead. Successful are those whose passion and profession are alike. And guess what? The #1 reason to work on your passion is that when you are working on your passion, the other skills take care of themselves. So relax, take some time, talk to yourself, and find out what is it there within you that makes you passionate.

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