Markhor 2013 Outcomes

Markhor 2013 Outcomes | PakistanTribe.comMarkhor 2013 was not just a regular conference in a fancy hotel but a conference in the wild. When I was forced to get out my comfort zone and push my limits, I discovered nature as well as myself. After the successful experience at Markhor 2013, I pin pointed some specific outcomes that Impacted my life:

1: Peace of mind: Being hooked on to internet, our busy routines and phones, Markhor provided the peace of mind in detaching me from the irregularities of life. Having no cell phone or connectivity with anyone for mere four days made me realize that one must take time out to appreciate life by simply living.

2: Motivation and Nationalism: The theme of Markhor by its name surrounded around the national animal of Pakistan. We humans and the young leaders of today and tomorrow required the right direction for our animal to be unleashed. Markhor 2013 through its Pakistani motivational speakers from around the country and abroad made me motivated to stand with pride to all the achievements we are undertaking every day. Meanwhile the spirit of Markhor mobilized me carry out community service tasks to spread the message that we as Pakistani’s are responsible for our own land and we must do everything to ensure the best for our country.

3: Look out for the future: Nobody knows what the future withholds but in extreme wilderness when one is close to Nature and the quietness that can go on forever, Markhor 2013 designed a part of the conference where we were to go years forward into thinking the impossible. Having gone through that deep experience, now I feel the need to set my goals and make myself more alert about the path I must take as nothing lasts forever and we must prioritize what is important.

4: Respect for Parents: A different outlook to Markhor is how it integrated the responsibilities of the youth not just as the leaders but as human beings. Realizing the fact that our existence and our survival in this world would’ve been quite impossible without our parents, Markhor 2013 through its designed themes touched my senses to respect my parents more as they need us now the same way we needed them when we were young.

5: Risk taking: Working towards just getting things right was usually my aim. When put under group activities, trusting someone, sharing ideas and trying out things that were to either make us loose or hesitate in making the decision made me realize that risk is the first step towards learning. Since then I have tried not be afraid of losing and realized the fact that at times one must go back in order to move forward.

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Mubashir Ghani Khawaja

Mubashir Ghani Khawaja, is the Program Manager of G77 Youth Development Program by Youth Impact and General Secretary at Pakistan U.S Alumni Network, Islamabad.

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