The Future is Mine

The Future is Mine | PakistanTribeTo all the times I thought I can’t do this. This, this is beyond the possible. To the times that made certain questions seem unanswerable. I may be too young to say this, but I will say it anyway. I was wrong. There is always an answer, there is always a “possible” hiding in plain sight in every “impossible”.

Having graduated a mere year ago, I believe myself an infant in the professional arena. I began with a merit based internship at an NGO the day I graduated. Once my interning contract ended, I was offered the position of a Research Associate in the Global Funding Unit. Everything was going accordingly to plan, but soon circumstances changed and so did my luck.

An announcement was made that my department was being dissolved, due to budget cuts, there seemed to be no room for Global Funding Unit anymore. It was understood, that sooner or later the entire department will be let go off. Employees had begun revamping their resumes, applying to new places and frequenting interview calls. Where as I sat heartbroken, at the thought of losing this opportunity, in which I had invested so much hard work and dedication, in such a short time.

During my last week as an Associate, I received a meeting notice from the Human Resource Manager. I dreaded that meeting, that walk to her room that knock and that breaking silence. I was prepared to read my termination letter, I had already skimmed through possible drafts in my head. But the words that she spoke next left me speechless. I was told that my work, for a fresh graduate, was impeccable, and that the Senior Management wished to retain me, not as an Associate but as an Officer in Human Resources. I do not exaggerate when I say I was left speechless.

Having entered that room with the mind set of clearing up my desk for good, only to finding out that I will not be taking my belongings home, but to a bigger and better desk, taught me something. Though I am young, I still know that it’s okay to be terrified of apparent “professional suicides”. Whatever happens, will happen for the better. If you gave it your all, but still have had to face an unpleasant scenario, the world will not end. There is always a “possible” hiding in plain sight in every impossible. The future will nevertheless be yours.

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Taabeer Ather

Taabeer Ather is a graduate from Lahore School of Economics. She is now working in development sector.

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