Reasons Why I love Mushkpuri Top

Reasons Why I love Mushkpuri Peak | PakistanTribe.comLet’s start with how it all began, I was living the most normal life one could live, in fact, less than normal in terms of ups and downs, a straight line could perfectly describe it, what’s even worse is that I was contented with my lifestyle and wasn’t aspiring for a change, to a point that even my journey to Makshpuri peak wasn’t my own decision; I didn’t stumble upon its pictures and decide that I want to go there, no, my friend is the one who made that decision for me, and I had no say in that for I was emotionally numb.

Now let me begin with how much I love that peak!

I don’t, I don’t love it, in fact, I hate it!

I hated that 4 hour contemplative hike from Nathia Gali to the peak not for how tiring or alarmingly dangerous it was, but rather for how easy and enjoyable it turned out to be, proving my prejudice on venturousness wrong, for the fact that I was still alive and breathing upon reaching the peak, and for showing me how weak and fragile my past self used to be, the past self which vanished in the very first hour of that hike, I regretted the times I felt too coward to do something courageous when in fact I was brave enough to do it, the times I felt too helpless without even bothering to recognize my power, I hated it for making me realize I had wasted 18 years of my life fearing a half hour workout when I actually had so much potential all along, it introduced me to a stranger who had been hiding within me since forever..And it was love at first sight.

And suddenly there were no more risky routes to cross, no more scary rims to pass, or dikes to jump over, just a scenery so awe inducing that not even all synonyms of the word ‘beautiful’ combined can give justice to its description, the moment I laid my eyes upon those colorful tents and candy shaped clouds I knew I was going to leave that place with a broken heart, and I hated it.

Why did it have to be so unforgettable? Why can’t I spend a single day without the mere memory of that place tingling my nostalgia every now and then? And why did it have to be so life-changing? Why can’t I go back to my boring life without the imprisoned adventurous side of mine rebelling to be free? And finally, this newly born urge to learn and seek is leaving me restless, actually, it’s not leaving me at all! And I hate it, or love it, I don’t know, I can’t rest assured.

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Khadija Muhammad

Khadija Muhammad is a student of Shria and International Law at International Islamic University, Islamabad.

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