10 things to carry while going to learn something from the wilderness

10 things to carry while going to learn something from the wilderness | PakistanTribe1) Proper clothes! the most important thing to carry while going to learn into the wild. I learned that from my last experience when I had joined Markhor at Mukshpuri top. I did not take seriously the “packing guide” provided on the Markhor website, so I just took a blazer with me. And the temperature there was bone aching cold! But to my fortune, up there were people good enough to share their warm clothes with me. So my first advice would be to pack wisely and take clothes according to the temperature of the area you are going to.

2) A rain-coat. Is that included in clothing? Well I felt it necessary to mention the importance of a rain-coat here. It not only saves you from the rain but also helps to prevent cold.

3) A water bottle. It should have a minimum of 500ml capacity. Have you seen a man going into the wild without a water bottle? No? Right.

4) Sun-block and a hat if you don’t want to get tan. If you are going to some height you’ll get a sunburn for sure if you don’t have something to protect your skin, face most importantly!

5) Glares. To protect your eyes from direct sunlight, because obviously learning from the wilderness is going to be an open air experience.

6) A hand-sanitizer and a long acting body-spray for your personal hygiene. Because I don’t think that you are going to get a bath for two or three days full of exertion.

7) A pen and a diary. Well it’s obvious that if you are going to learn something you have to carry a pen and a notebook. But believe me, if you are going into the wild, you are going to experience such overwhelming and beautiful things that you will find the feeling to jot each and everything it down and store each and every second of it in your diary forever! It goes for the regular diary-writers and non-writers as well.

8) Three to five pairs of socks and napkins. Yeah these much socks! Do you want your tent-mates to go faint of the aroma? Plus extra pairs of socks will be required in case you jump into a puddle 😉

9) Snacks and dry-fruits. Yeah! too many of them. Because in this kind of learning you’ll have to use your muscles along with your brain. And for that purpose you are going to need quick energy. I suggest you also take powdered juice mixes like tang or other products.

10) Medicines. One pack of painkiller plus anti-pyretic (e.g. Panadol extra), one anti-diarrheal drug (e.g. Flygyl) one anti-emetic (e.g. Motilium) and sani-plast would be enough.

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Rameesha Shah is a medical student at Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi, Punjab.

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