Moroccan Lips and Gaza

Moroccan Lips

The atrocities of Israeli state have once again topped the tolerance level of many fragments in Pakistan. But before driven by emotions the actions of these gems must be analyzed with a close reference of their present and past.

The first type of gems are the ‘bread winner’ of national political arena. They are the Shairfs of the Land of the Pure with remarkable characteristics of Sharif of the Purest Land (Makkah) who actually orchestrated it all. For more details on the second character please consult a good history book or at least read the official letters he wrote to Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Egypt.

Second type of gems are the ‘silent majority’ of left wing. Being the singers, poets, artists, documentary producers et cetera, the best they could do is to produce touchy statements to receive maximum acceptance on social media. But this dilemma is as old as the progressive movement itself. The straight reason of being away from pragmatism is the absence of constituency power. However, the worst reason is the absence of the mechanism to gain constituency power. The only pragmatism this type of gems could ever adopt is to support an apparent liberal mainstream political party.

Third type of gems are those who once had a career breaking boat trip to the sacred land and in return gain Moroccan Lips, future references for humanitarianism and a license to harass every Tom, Dick and Harry. Now the tale of journey could only be utilized in the world’s decedent society (London) to get few Pounds.

Fourth type of gems are in fact the front-men of those juveniles who left country with a bullet in head to become international symbols of some kind. The front-men, who also remained the victim of boat-riders, shamelessly uphold the silence. Of course, a boat-rider could be fixed with as little evidence as short messages but if the parent humanitarian organizations start raising their eyebrows then every shackle has to be broken down.

Fifth type of gems are those pan-Islamists, militancy apologists and straw-heads who would change their profile pictures and cover photos along with sharing the calls from sacred land. These are the ones seeing dreams of a boundary-less nation in the era of nation-states.

Is that enough? Or the role of each one of them must be scrutinized with a close reference of their present and past? After all, Gaza is much holier than a pair of Moroccan lips.

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