Pakistani Youth and Today’s Challenges

Pakistani Youth and Today’s Challenges | PakistanTribe.comPakistan is a country full of talent and potentials. In Pakistan young people have few opportunities to show their potential.

Poverty is common, education levels are low, youth unemployment is high and no one encourages young people to take decisions on issues concerning them. They have fewer resources to develop to their full talent.In peer pressure they are becoming drug addict, they are promoting negative environment.Pakistan is facing terrorism and violence. Youth of Pakistan wants to change the system of country but system changes them. They have communication gap.

A teacher from a school commented about it as: “When Pakistani youth come out from their colleges and universities, they are full of energy and ambitious to do much work for the betterment of Pakistan but they are not given place in the society to bring changes in the system. They are discouraged and old fashioned ideas are imposed to them. Jobs are not available to show their capabilities in their field. The main challenge for them is to service in this society with their own style and ambition”.

Due to poverty many of youngsters are unable to have basic facilities. This poverty leads to illiteracy. When they are not having enough resources they become drug addict and terrorist. These problems also lead to psychological issues.

A teacher said that “Pakistani youth is very ambitious. They are energetic but they are wasting their energies due to lack to resources. They have to work hard for the better future”.

The major challenge for youth is load shedding. Because of load shedding they are unable to focus on studies and their goals. They are frustrated.

Teacher of a junior said about it: “21st century is electronic age and in our country youth is facing a big problem of load shedding. They don’t get enough time to concentrate on their work. It creates anxiety, depression and lack of interest in their studies.

The challenge for youth is to overcome these problems. They are unable to do it alone they need support from their families, teachers and governmental systems. Youth have to struggle. They have to spread their knowledge and aware their society for change and betterment.

An English teacher commented “no doubt that Pakistani youth is outstanding. But there are certain circumstances which keep them away from the winning opportunities. They have to struggle more and fight for their right of education till end. They must use their talent in the right direction and achieve heights in this global village. Pakistani youth is pride of Pakistan!


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