Markhor14 – I cant wait to meet

Markhor14 - I cant wait to meet | PakistanTribe.comI got a phone call from my friend, that she has been selected for Markhor’14.

“I just saw the email, you too check yours, and ask others if they got selected or not then tell me.”

“Yeah im just running to my room to check the mail. But hey, they text you first, did you get the message?”

“Yeah i got one, didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t, lemme check my phone again wait. No its not there, i’ll just wait, i hope im gonna get one in a while.”

“Right then, i’m gonna start my packing! can’t wait to go, hope its as good as you told us, woohoo i’m excited!”

“Haha me too. OK then, talk to you later. and don’t forget to keep warm clothes with you.”

“Yeah sure, tata”


Wondering why didn’t i get the message, checked my mail, no, nothing. Texts Markhor Secretariat about the conformation and it’s a NO, because I’ve been a part of Markhor’13 I can’t join it this time as a delegate. I was so shattered, I’d been planning for this my entire summer. God! what do I do.

Its the day. All my friends who’ve got selected are there in the line, collecting their cards and boarding the bus one by one, I went to the coordinator begging him to let me go, but he didn’t, so I just sneaked into the bus from the other door and hid behind the last seat. My heart was pounding, what if i get caught, i’m not even ready to bear the insult and we are half way to our destination, how will i manage to go back? And then someone called my name “Rameesha!” “Han!” and I woke up to my room-mate’s call. Gosh! it was a dream!

All this hype for Markhor’14 is getting on my mind. And why shouldn’t it, Markhor’13 was probably the best learning experience I’ve ever had. The inspiring introduction at Mukshpuri hotel, the trekking to the base camp and the slogans of our tribes, the enthusiasm and the excitement, the beauty up there and the cold, the bonfire and the tasks, the games and the culture night, the informative sessions and the great mentors; everything had blown my mind away, each and everything had so much to learn in it.

I had met some of many great people across Pakistan there, there were delegates from far far away regions of Pakistan like FATA and Gwadar. The mentors, whoa, the best teachers i’ve ever had. And why wouldn’t you enjoy learning when your class room is a grass land on the top of a mountain with breathtaking view ,your friends are your teachers, your teachers are your friends and you’d be evaluated on the basis of the games you play. The learning environment was such that I had learned a little something from even the wind up there, I had never felt so close to God, never felt His mightiness the way I felt there.

It was such a friendly and healthy environment that we would even encourage the other tribes even if we were in some kind of a competition with them. I got to know the meaning of healthy competition, sportsmanship, strategy making, planning, teamwork, leadership and most of all I learned to believe in my abilities. The love for Pakistan it developed inside our hearts, the wish to bring a change in my country got stronger and stronger. Markhor had turned me into a different direction, led me to a path of non-stop learning, made me more curious and eager to explore. After coming back from the event I thought this charm would last for two to three days or a week max. But no, Its been 9 months and I can still feel the same excitement and enthusiasm as I felt then.

I respected my competitors in every competition, respected the nature more than ever, never threw my wrappers on the road again, got love in my heart for trekking and mountains, had the urge to learn more and to bring a change, to bring happiness on the faces of people in any possible way. After I came back I planned to start a community at my college, the aim was to create a difference in the society i live in. I had started from the people of my college, started a facebook page by the name of “Humans of RMC” (inspired from Humans of NewYork) the purpose of the page was to bring out the good side and to share the stories of the students, the teachers and the staff and there’s more to it. I want to expand this community into practically helping people and bringing a smile on their face. Hope i’ll succeed in it.

The charm of the last conference didn’t even wash away completely and yet there it is, once again, Markhor’14, can’t wait to join.

Blogger Rameesha Shah is a medical student at Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


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