American Lobby, A Gem and Sidekick

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Between the perspective war of military brass only personal hotties came forward for the defense of former strongman. But as expected no better argument could be presented than red herring. However, a great favor was done to those who really needed a stamp on the senior sycophant(s).

The gem-sibling of Pakistani media’s tycoons seemed to have locked horns with some other gem(s) when revealed a perspective of North Waziristan Agency’s military offensive.

Former strongman’s personal hotties, who would have food in his plates along with their partners every second week, were given signals. But the king’s horse(s) could only breed a ‘O me, O brass. Why so late?’ sort of counter insurgency.

A silent majority was describing the ‘O me, O brass’ cry the bootlicking stamp. Its amazing that why did they not know this already? The equation is very simple, it always was. The gem(s), who needs agreement from a person half of his age to decide what fabric must cover the skin, cannot speak or write independently as well.

Bootlicking has become an integral part of “independent” senior monglers. The shape may vary from information to non-custom-paid cars, securing sexual adventures to gaining travel access and front row protocol to back seat placements. But unfortunately there is one lethal weapon of mass destruction for all monglers and that is ‘observation’.

Observation from those insect-like creatures who end up coming at the bottom of their info-consuming food chain. With this weapon many monglers were being identified and traced. Some identification merits could be their continuous writing for a paper along with the cries of being censored; settling for shackles just to be able to speak in prime time; and ‘O me, O brass’ insurgencies. A serving brass describes “We enjoy their licking more with the complete knowledge of what they were doing last night”.

Same brass admits that American Lobby had a node. Due to structural necessities that lobby remained dominant. This lobby always picks the personal hotties to put their personal desires on breakfast table and supper screen of every household at power corridors.

Now this increase the shocker that otherwise describing the American masters exploiters, such monglers actually serve the purpose. Well obviously when center of attention always remains a sidekick advice on how to cover the skin then this is bound to happen.

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