Five things I learned from MARKHOR

Five things I learned from MARKHOR | PakistanTribe.com1. The Art of Public Pooping: No this is not a lame joke or a gimmick. The coolest thing about MARKHOR perhaps is how it teaches you to survive in the harshest of environments and to rise above all petty challenges. With no bathrooms to speak of, it was the spirit of MARKHOR that helped me attain oneness with mother nature and to attend her call with least reluctance by the end of the conference.

2. Sucking It Up: MARKHOR also taught me how to fight back the challenges around me. To keep going forth even when the sweltering sun was upon our heads and the muscles of our bodies seemed to protest against walking even a step further. I learned how to control things that I can control and to make peace with things I can’t.

3. Y-Fi or No-Fi?: As a teenager who spends most of the day tapping away at miniscule buttons on my phone, the prospect of staying in the wilderness without any electricity let alone a smartphone was both scary and liberating. The Internet is supposed to make the world a smaller place but MARKHOR taught me that the world is actually much smaller without it. It helped me make real life connections with real life people around me.

4. Letting It Go: A few years back, I used to be one of the most competitive people that you could come across. I liked winning things and to strive to challenge myself to rise against my own personal weaknesses. Even though MARKHOR is centered around motivating youth through a sense of competition; I found myself taking a totally different approach to the activities during the conference. I realized that winning is NOT important as long as I learned something beneficial from what I was doing and could transfer this learning to other people as well. It shouldn’t be competition that fuels my passion but passion itself. Passion to grow as an individual and to see the bigger picture in everything around me.

5. Staying Happy and Positive: ‘Happiness and Satisfaction are innate’ – That is probably the most important lesson that I learned from MARKHOR. Nothing in this world can make your happier than inner peace and inner peace comes when you are happy with who you are.

Moreover importantly, kindness and honesty are not naive concepts to keep children from doing ‘bad stuff’; On the contrary they are virtues that can make your teenage life and adult life much more happy. While working with my team on different challenging tasks during MARKHOR, I learned that helping others is the easiest way to help yourself: To help yourself be happier, more realistic and yet more optimistic at the same time.

In a nutshell, from public pooping to discovering how to be a happier person, MARKHOR taught me a myriad of things and I am really glad that I took the first step and applied for it.
If any of this makes sense to you and you’d like to experience all this for yourself ,do apply for this awesome and unique conference at Markhor.

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