46th Foundation day of Pakistan Peoples Party

bilawal-bhutto-zardariISLAMABAD – Pakistan Peoples Party, a centre-left, progressive political party is celebrating its 46th foundation day in Pakistan.

 Since its foundation in 1967, it had been a major and influential political force in the country and its party’s leadership has been dominated by the members of the Bhutto-Zardari family.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhuto Zardari will address the workers gathering at Bilawal House Karachi.

It is currently the opposition party in the National Assembly and ruling party in Sindh, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan

46th Foundation day of Pakistan Peoples Party | PakistanTribePPP is celebrating its foundation day at Aiwan e  iqbal Mall Road Lahore.

5 times ruling party in the country PPP’s centre of gravity lies in the southern province of Sindh.


Here is the detail Message of PPP’s co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari:

“The founding principles of the Party ‘Democracy is our politics’ and ‘All power to the people’ are ingrained in the consciousness of the people which will never be erased.

Today we reiterate yet again that political change can only be brought about by the people through ballot and no one will be permitted to impose their political or ideological agenda through the bullet and the gun” Born during the struggle against dictatorship the Pakistan Peoples Party is proud of its record of continuous struggle against civil and military dictatorship, he said. Dictatorship rears its ugly head from time to time in different forms and appears in different manifestations he said warning also that militants and militancy seeking to impose their religious and sectarian ideology through force was a new form of dictatorship.

Our leader Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto laid down her life leading from the front, the fight against this new threat to democracy. Let us on this founding day vow to continue fight against militants and militancy- an enforcement agencies and civilians have laid down their lives. Our Mission is the great mission of emancipation, of hope, of honour and respect, of a society free of poverty and of holding high the banner of human dignity for which the great Quaid e Awam gave his life.

It was the PPP which led the resistance against dictatorships and gave the country a unanimous Constitution, technological defense capability and a democratic culture. When the constitution was disfigured by dictatorships it was the PPP which three years ago led the political parties in forging a rare political consensus to restore the constitution.

Former Prime Minister and Assassinated Chairperson of PPP, Benazir Bhutto | PakistanTribe
Former Prime Minister and Assassinated Chairperson of PPP, Benazir Bhutto.

“The Party’s momentous achievements were made possible by the enormous sacrifices made by the workers of the Party for which they deserved the gratitude of all patriotic people.” Just as no amount of terrorism by the state actors in the past could stop our workers from pursuit of their democratic beliefs, no amount of terrorism perpetrated now by non state actors and militants will shake the belief in democratic values an culture of the workers of PPP and democratic political parties.

History bears witness to the fact that when the democratic and progressive elements of civil society were tortured, jailed and hanged there were also those who colluded with the dictators, took oath of allegiance and abetted in their crime of stifling the democratic voice. This makes the sacrifices of our workers even more glorious.

The Party salutes all these valiant workers for their dedication, commitment and sacrifices made for the cause. “I ask the workers to go out to spread the message of hope and deliverance, which is the message of the PPP, I urge you to tell the silent, demoralized and suffering majority of people that a bright morning awaits at the end of a long and hard flight against the militants and the enemies of democracy.”

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