10 Childhood Pleasures That Used To Make Our Whole Day



NEW YORK – Remember when the simplest things could turn your whole day around?

As kids we had little to no limitations. Whatever was worrying us wasn’t anything that a blanket fort or an ice cream cone couldn’t fix. We were enamored of the smallest joys — and we let those joys cast a sunny light on all of our waking hours.

While reverting to a child-like mindset can been seen as a bad thing, there’s value in embracing some of those qualities that once made you happy. Take a look at the slideshow below, and revisit the simpler things in life that used to elate you — you’ll be glad you did.

  • An ice cream cone on a warm summer day
  • A sand box that helped you channel your inner architect
  • An imagination that was limitless
  • Shadow puppets that helped you let out your creative energy
  • A tire swing that gave you the push you needed to reach the sky
  • A massive fort that allowed you to hide away for hours
  • Finger paints that let you turn your ideas into something tangible
  • Bubbles that reminded you to float away
  • Dress up clothes that transformed you into whoever you wanted to be
  • Games of hide-and-go-seek that encouraged you to run like you never have before

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