Just as many Americans dislike Obama as do George W. Bush



WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is now disliked by as many Americans as former president George W. Bush, a new poll shows.

In the latest CNN/ORC International poll, 51 percent of Americans said they viewed President Obama unfavorably. The same percentage of respondents had a negative opinion of former President Bush.

This is the first time in Obama’s presidency that a majority of Americans have given the president bad marks.

When Obama took office on January 20, 2009, an astounding 78 percent of Americans said they had positive views of their new president.

Meanwhile, a mere 35 percent had nice things to say about outgoing president George W. Bush.

Coming off the precipice of a financial disaster, there was no love lost between Americans and the Republican president, whose final years in office brought massive numbers of foreclosures and rampant unemployment.

Obama capitalized on his predecessor’s misfortune, and an early strategy of his administration was to ‘blame Bush’ for everything that was wrong in America.

Five and a half years later, it’s Obama who is mired in controversy and fending off critics on both sides of the aisle for sins against America’s veterans and a shady deal with the Taliban that allowed five of its finest fighters to walk free in exchange for the life of a suspected deserter from the Army.


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