Ex-Spy Master reveals ‘Foreign agents’ with ‘designer clothes’

Masood Sharif Khattak

ISLAMABAD – Foreign agents in Pakistan who wear designer clothes and walk on the streets with honor would soon face the music as ‘those days are over now’, proposed speech to Prime Minister of Pakistan by former spy master stated.

The former Director General of Intelligence Bureau (DG IB) Masood Sharif Khattak has advised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to announce the rebirth of Pakistan.

He maintained that Nawaz Sharif should made announcement in a joint session of the Parliament that now is the new beginning of Pakistan. Khattak proposed a complete speech for the premier to be delivered on the floor.

Kattak believed “The world (must) see that all divisive lines in Pakistan be they political, ethnical (sic), sectarian, or of any other kind have suddenly been erased.”

The most interesting para in the proposed speech, however, deals with the foreign agents and spies in Pakistan. It reads as:

Pakistan’s fifth columnists have been moving about in our society clad in designer suits, shirts and ties. Our fifth columnists have moved about in our society in one or another respectable disguise and have always been known to the agencies of the State of Pakistan who have been extremely lenient and soft on them so far. Those days are now over.

Pakistan will, from this day onward, deal with all fifth columnists working against the interests, integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan on their own, or on being sponsored by foreign state and non-state actors, with a heavy hand and under the relevant laws of the land that will be strictly implemented. Hey days for anti-state elements to function within Pakistan with gay abandon are over. They should now be on their guard to face the consequences from state agencies which will now guard the country’s integrity with a vigor not hitherto seen. Riding on the back of foreign funds provided for damaging Pakistan’s interests will no longer be a smooth ride. All enemies of Pakistan thus stand warned. Either you give up your anti-Pakistan activities or face the consequences of such activity.

Khattak also noted that in next fifteen years with ‘right’ decisions Pakistan can rebuild from ashes.

“On a personal note, I am of the considered opinion that the next 15 years belong to Pakistan and that the forthcoming 15 years shall be the most prosperous and progressive years for Pakistan,” he added.

Shedding lights on the his belief, Khattak stated that Pakistan’s inherent corrective dynamics which are independent judiciary, ever increasing desire for the rule of law, a very vibrant civil society, an aggressively independent media and the desire of all Institutions to work within their respective domains.

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