Cause and Affect Of Shoaib Malik And Sania Mirza Marriage?

Shoaib Malik Cricket Performance After Marriage With Sania MirzaLAHORE – Seems something wrong happened after marriage, a dramatic decline has been recorded in the performance of all rounder Shoaib Malik after his marriage.

According to statistics available to Pakistan Tribe, before marraige with Tennis Queen Sania Mirza, Malik had played a total of 274 matches. In all these matches he had scored 7,568 runs with nine centuries and 178 wickets.

But just after the marriage with Sania, the performance decline was sharp.

Shoaib played only 33 matches to score only 487 runs without scoring a century and with taking only two wickets.

Besides, he had to face allegations of fixing.

Now the major shock is to miss a place in the central contract announced by Pakistan Cricket Board On Thursday.


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