“No One Listen To Me In Pakistan”

Wasim Akram gets angry over social media funda DELHI – Former captain and legendary bowler, Wasim Akram, has complained that no one listened to him in Pakistan. 

Looking irritated and really angry over the way people treated him on social media, left arm fast bowler said that people asked me why I served for Indian Premier League and others and not the Pakistan.

“I had repeatedly asked all chairmen of Pakistan Cricket Board to tell me the two year plan of the national cricket, then I will be able to give my input,” he added.

“Even I offered many times that I could give time to senior players during my break days. If senior players are not there, I could coach Pakistan A team players.”

“But it seems that the officials turned a deaf ear to all my offers.”

And in such scenario, Wasim said, when fans asked tough questions about my role in Pakistan cricket I got angry.

“Cricket is my only source of bread and butter. If I would not serve Start Sports and IPL, how could I manage my expense.”


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