This Robot Is Developed To Be Your Friend



TOKYO – No one want to become your friend? Don’t worry now you have a new pal in a face of robot. Meet Pepper, a spiffy new android who can hang out, make jokes, talk and dance.

Unveiled on Thursday in Tokyo by SoftBank, Pepper will go on sale in Japan early next year for $1,930.

Pepper is 4 feet tall, weighs just over 60 pounds and has 20 motors powering movements in its head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, hips, knees and more. It also has a 10.1-inch touch display on the front, and synchronizes with a cloud-based database for access to information.

Best of all, Pepper will come equipped with voice-recognition capabilities that will not only understand what you’re saying, but how you’re feeling when you say it.

“With these technologies, people can enjoy communicating with Pepper in a natural way, just like they would with friends and family,” SoftBank said in a news release.


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