Wealth means happiness?

Businessman Throwing Money into the Air


LONDON – IT may well not buy you love… but money can ensure happiness, an interesting research showed yesterday.

Richer people rate their life satisfaction higher than those on lower incomes, a report on the country’s well-being has found.

The poorest 20 per cent of UK households saw life satisfaction at 6.9 on a scale of 0 to 10, while the richest rated theirs at an average of 7.77.

The more money people received from the state, such as housing benefit or jobseeker’s allowance, the more anxious and unhappy they were.

And the impact of unemployment or sickness appeared to be felt more by men than women, according to the Office for National Statistics which surveyed 8,000 adults aged 16 and over.

“As household income increases, life satisfaction and happiness rise, while anxiety falls,” the ONS said.

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