A ‘little word’ can do magic in 8 ways to your life



NEW YORK – ‘Yes’ has magic within it. So often we are afraid of life — we fear failure, we anticipate the worst, we don’t know what to expect. In doing so and often by saying “no” to opportunities, we reject many of life’s brilliant chances.

These are often disguised as a new career prospect, an opportunity to step up at work, a surprise request from a friend, or any type of unfamiliar challenge. Anything that creates a spark of curiosity within us or generates some desire that typically lays dormant within our familiar days, is often our intuition guiding us to say yes (or at least to learn more).

Here are eight reasons to say yes to your life:

1. You block the miracle if you don’t:


Opportunity sometimes knocks gently and does not wait for perfect timing. The truth is — there is no perfect timing. We need to trust that the universe has a bigger plan for us — one that we can only understand with hindsight. When we say no, we reject more than the opportunity, we reject the fun it brings, what it teaches us and the further gifts that can unfold if we don’t allow the initial yes.

2. There are an infinite number of reasons to say no — something is stirring the yes within you:

yes (1)

For something to be a question mark — a very considered decision — something, often deep inside of us, is saying yes. A no should be clear and obvious. Pay attention that little cheerleader for the yes for a while. Listen to what is has to tell you. It is often correct.

3. Someone believes you can:

yes (2)

To have the option of saying yes, someone or something believes you can do achieve something. Take the opportunity as a compliment and harness the confidence other people have in you.

4. Opportunities do not always arise again — or at least the same ones:

yes ican

Life and luck favor the bold. Sometimes when making a decision and considering both outcomes, the “no” outcome is connected to regret somehow. Regret is sometimes the biggest risk of all.

5. Life is richer, fuller, more vibrant:


When we say yes, we do more, create more, live more.

6. It attracts positivity:


The word itself is inviting and empowering. It like saying, “World, I got this!”

7. Stretch yourself:


Why are we all here if not to live the highest, fullest version of our lives? By saying yes, we invite possibility into our lives and the ability to learn what we are capable of and just how far we can go.

 8. Life is short. Ask not why, but why not?


Steve Jobs said, “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.” A little perspective helps us abandon our fears.

Ask yourself for a change: What is the best that could happen? Think upon it. How does it feel? Marinate on that for a while. A yes might be your only option.

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