Colonel Zahir and Arshad of ISI embrace martyrdom in suicide attack

ISI Pakistan

ATTOCK – Senior officials of the premier spy agency Lt Colonel Zahir Shah and Lt Colonel Arshad embraced martyrdom in a suicide attack near Fateh Jhang Railway Crossing while a major crack down underway.

According to the correspondent reports from the ground zero, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) official along with his associates were travelling in a double cabin car when a suicide bomber detonated the explosives.

Within minutes the secret agency officials cordon off the area and lodged a full scale crack down within five kilometers of radius of crime scene. District Police officials and rescue workers were also pulled out of the area to gather all available evidences.

Agency officials had reasons to believe that such an attack was only possible after a close spying on the routes which required the presence of more than just one backup personnel for the attacker. Under this impression the agency’s officials are busy conducting investigation from local residents of the area.

Earlier PakistanTribe reported that one senior police official of area said “The railway crossing had slowed down the double cabin vehicle and that time a pedestrian hit the car followed by an explosion. We have now reasons to believe that the pedestrian was in fact a suicide bomber whose body parts were recovered.”

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