Want to race with train like these Indian boys?



NEW DELHI – Like to race against death? If yes you like to join that teenager group, who loves to play a deadly game of chicken on a railway line.

The group were spotted running out in front of a large passenger train on the tracks of the Daliganj Railway Bridge in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

As the speeding train closes in, the teenagers run along the tracks – each waiting until the last possible moment to leap off the open-sided bridge into the roaring waters of the River Gomti below.


The teenagers gather on the bridge every day at noon, as temperatures soar to an unbearable 45C.

Standing on the tracks, often with the trains only metres away, their terrifying game of chicken involves competing to be last person to leap from the bridge into the refreshing water below.

Along with the challenges posed by the sweltering heat, fast moving trains and deep waters, the teens also have to try and evade local law enforcement.


‘We do this every summer. This is a great way of having fun. Otherwise, going about normally around the river is very boring,’ 18-year-old Mukesh Kumar, the first to jump from the bridge, said.

‘We also have bets sometimes about who jumps last and waits for the train to come nearest,’ he added.


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