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Zafaryab Collection at Beaconhouse National University | PakistanTribeThe 4-day Annual Degree Show of the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), Beaconhouse National University (BNU) concluded on June 1, 2014 at BNU’s Tarogil Campus.

The show featured theses works of 53 young artists, in the fields of Fashion Design, Textile Design, Visual Art, Visual Communication Design and Jewelry and Accessory Design.

However, it was the Fashion Design students who stole the show. Their chic and trendy designs received a very warm response from both the fashion industry and the general public. Indeed BNU’s first batch of fashion design students have set a high benchmark for others to follow.

Zafaryab Collection at Beaconhouse National University 14th annual degree show | PakistanTribeThis year’s fashion graduate, Zafaryab Farooq’s collection, Beyond The Red Border Of Time’ stood out amongst all. All visiting fashionistas, academicians and visitors spoke very high of his collection, mainly for its concept, cuts and elegance.

It definitely caters to the increasing demand of High-end Pret fashion market in Pakistan. I talked to Zafaryab Farooq to know about his work, inspiration and thoughts on the current and upcoming trends in the fashion industry.

Beaconhouse National University's 14th annual degree show concludes | PakistanTribe
Zafaryab Farooq with his Collection at Beaconhouse National University’s 14th annual degree show.

How was your experience studying at BNU as part of their first batch fashion design students?

Wonderful. When I joined the Fashion Department, I was apprehensive given that it was the first batch. Other institutes like PIFD had been teaching the same for years so it was a risk. But thankfully the faculty inspired me to do my best in order to become a qualified professional fashion designer. Our faculty comprises renowned fashion educationists and designers. Ms Kiran, Ms Pakeeza Khan, Kamiar Rokni, Fahad Hussain are a few names among other outstanding faculty members. They gave us complete liberty to choose our topics for thesis. It is worth mentioning that our mother department is Textile Design. We study textile designing and garment fabrication before specializing in fashion designs and cuts. It gives our institute’s students an edge over other fashion design schools.


Beaconhouse National University Degree Show Conculdes | PakistanTribeWhy did you decide to study fashion designing?

You will be surprised to know that I left architecture design to study fashion design. I realised my talent in this field and decided to pursue a degree in fashion design. I believe a person only excels in a profession, which is close to his heart. Textile and fashion designing comes very naturally to me. I remember showing my drawings portfolio to our faculty members while seeking admission at this university and they all had also advised me to go for a degree in fashion design. I’ve already been designing dresses for my friends and cousins. They always call me to get latest update about fashion trends. I know I’m in the right field.

What kind of response is your collection getting here?

It is amazing. I’m really glad that people have appreciated my work. I have literally burnt midnight oil before presenting my collection. I thank all people who came to the exhibition and appreciated my work.

What is the inspiration behind your collection: BEYOND THE RED BORDER OF TIME?

Power is a cruel master, a stubborn foe. Power is Human. Power is Blood. Power is Red.

It is the surreal nature of timeless power and beauty that inspired me – specifically, the work of artist, Salvadore Dali: The Persistence of Memory, set my imagination on fire. The depiction of an arid, lifeless landscape – without hope, without end.

I felt myself melting, like the piece of melting cheese that inspired his depiction of clocks. And in that moment of enforced solitude – Dali and I became one. My collection aims to express that feeling of entrapment. As fashion statement pieces, my collection may seem to be chic, classic yet bold… but in truth, it is my notion of beauty… stuck in time.

Why have you focused on Pret?

Pret means ready to wear. Most designers have been working in Couture. I feel its market has already reached its saturation point. But for Pret, the field is wide open. People have also started showing interest in Pret. They want to look fashionable in every dress they wear. Our teachers have trained us to design both Couture and Pret but I particularly focused on this dimension. However, I can experiment and create a fusion of both eastern and western wear to meet market’s ceaseless need for new and impressive cuts and designs.

Market is already full of wonderful designers. What would make your stand out among them?

You are right. I salute all senior professional designers for taking fashion industry to this outstanding level despite political, social and economic problems in our country. Our industry has earned international recognition and it is result of our seniors’ hard work. However, I think there’s always room for innovation and creative ideas in every field. I’ll be like a flower on a bowl full of milk.

Zafaryab Farooq Collection at BNU | PakistanTribeYou look very confident. So in what role are we going to see you in the field?

A fashion stylist. I’m also into exploring new fabric surfaces, which is called Garment Fabrication. It is a process of selecting or creating a style for a fabric. You can see it in the garments I displayed. However, I’ll be mainly designing for men. Men’s wear offers good opportunities to new designers.

How do you see plagiarism in fashion industry?

Taking inspiration from someone else’s work or copying it altogether are two different things. We all take inspirations all our lives from different people and set new benchmarks. It is like going ahead, creating new milestone. A real designer gives due credit to her/his inspiration whereas an incompetent designer would try to conceal it. For me, plagiarism is a shameful act. Only incompetent and non-creative people do such things.

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