Because every bride is ‘khas’

Because every bride is ‘khas’ | PakistanTribeEvery girl dreams of becoming a beautiful bride one day, marrying a handsome man, a grand wedding taking place, a gorgeous dress to be wearing as well as a brand new home she’d be moving into.

She spends all her life sustaining her dream, which had come true; managing, decorating, caring and investing.

I believe if a bedroom only is taken care of with a lot of mind worked on it, in terms of what colour should be used, the theme of the settee, the bedsheets, the accessories, carpeting, etc, it could affect the lifestyle of a woman, making her feel bright, cheerful and full of life every morning so she could carry out her chores or relax with a smile on her face. Where she purchases her room’s items and how much it costs her is the vital question.

The bedding is the anchor of the room. It is what makes or breaks the whole ambiance. One cannot compromise with the quality of the bedding, especially for the new bride who wants to see a welcoming look to her room.

Apart from this, a bride also needs the perfect pair of lamps to match or contrast her bedset with. A beautifully adorned lamp can light up the room, be it modern edgy, vintage or traditional.

Coming back to the core of the room, the bedding, this season for any bride should be themed with white and gold, shades of peaches, some floral fun and pearly whites. Dull gold photo frames, classy candle stands and candelabras and some unique silver pots and vases that will make the room look royal.

Living in Pakistan, a country that revolves around making the perfect impression, especially on occasions such as weddings, the groom’s relatives will go the extra mile to look at what the bride has brought in and that impression the girl makes in the beginning is what will define her in the future. And it’s not even about making a statement or an impression after marriage; it’s about how the bride feels when enters her new room for the first time. So the bride and her family should go forth to make her room everything she has dreams of.

The events, the food, the dances and the dresses are decided with every minor detail being sought after, the bride’s room is and should be looked at in the same way, with elegant detailing and all those things that make the much deserving girl happy. She deserves only the best for her new beginning, she deserves something khas.

And speaking of khas, we all are aware of the lifestyle and home store with its wide range of bedsets, home accessories and stunning decorative items. It’s the perfect place for a girl to purchase her dream room’s furniture and adornments. From Gossamer Bridal blue bedsets to Vintage Pink bridal set, their bridal bedset collection has it all. There is something for every bride out there; if you’re the traditional bride you have many options from floral to pastels, but if you’re the unconventional bride, Khas also has something for you too, white, grey and blue. Happy wedding! By Hundal Hussain


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