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NEW YORK – Can you see this scene in your neighborhood? If no then you surely stunned to saw that person approach for his pet traveling.

The next time you have to cram on to a train with a heavy suitcase, or catch a crowded bus carrying shopping, spare a thought for this man who cycled across Addis Ababa with a goat on his back.

A film of the unknown man giving a piggyback to a goat in the Ethiopian capital was uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

As stunned drivers look on, the man calmly pedals down the busy road, seemingly unaware that there is anything amiss.

Meanwhile the goat clings on with its arms and legs tucked round the man’s chest, appearing relaxed as it glances at passersby.

Bizarrely the goat doesn’t appear to be fixed to the man’s back, though YouTube users commenting on the video have suggested his goat’s feet could be tied together.

The short 30-second clip has gone viral this afternoon, attracting more than 20,000 views since it was posted yesterday.

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