Heart Breaking And Tear Rolling Image Emerges Over Kaaba

kaaba-policeman-caughtMECCA – In what could be called a shocking and heart breaking move by the ignorant policeman, who was snapped placing his show against wall of Kaaba, the most sacred place for Muslims, media has outcry a lot over it. 

The picture emerged on Wednesday, and just after that media took the issue aggressively.

Showing no tolerance of such attitude, Prince Mishal Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, the governor of Makkahm, orders an inquire over the issue.

“Prince Mishal also called for disciplinary action against the policeman for failing to live up to the privilege and honor of serving in such a holy place,” Al Arabia reported.

According to the report, reaction is ranging from a bit sympathetic views toward the personnel to outright rejection for not respecting the holiest place.

“Displaying the sole of one’s foot or touching someone, or something sacred, with a shoe or with feet is considered highly offensive in the Arab culture,” the report further said.


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