This Will Inspire You To Express Gratitude For The Little Things



NEW YORK – Sometimes the simplest parts of our days are the things we’re the most thankful for. Expressing a little gratitude can add value to our lives (research proves it!) and can turn your whole day around.

Whether it’s the opportunity to see your loved ones or just the sunny weather, take some time to acknowledge one thing you’re grateful for today.

Need a little encouragement? Check out that appreciate below — you’ll be embracing the simple things before you know it.

I’m grateful for…

…the bright side.


“[I’m grateful for] good health and sunshine!”

…everything in the world that makes you smile.


“[I’m grateful for] life, sight, taste, love, puppies, fireworks, work, friends, family, being.”

…a well-deserved break.


“[I’m grateful to be] waking up and on vacation to enjoy it.”

…happy emotions.


“[I’m grateful] for love all around!” –

…close relationships.


“[I’m grateful for[ my family.”

…safety after a scary moment.


“[I’m grateful for] getting out of my workplace before tornado sirens started — hugged my kiddo tight upon arrival to daycare!” –

…the simple pleasures.


“I am grateful for being alive and for having other opportunities to appreciate little things in life.”

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