5 “S” of Success and 5 “F” of Failure

success and faliureThe life has always taught us significant rules to follow; there are mountains of difficult situation and seas of hurdles on the way to ultimate goal of life.

We see a lot of signs through out our lives to slow down our pace of work, when we are in full zeal and speed to reach the finish line; we are encountered with signs as “caution! wet floor” and we give up all our energy and power. There are thunderstorm of fear and heavy rainfall of discouragement, which ultimately drift our way towards our objectives. It takes a million ton heavy load of criticism, burden of rivalry and stock of jealousy to finally reach the desired destination.

There are certain ways and means to get successful in life and there are certain reasons and mistakes that lead to failures. Through a thorough analysis of life, there are some of the key reasons that direct towards either success or failure in life.

Before we begin with the ways to achieve success, we must know what ultimately “SUCCESS” means. Different authors’ quote this power pact term differently in their own way, I don’t disagree, but I have my own definition of success… Success not a junction or a stop, success is a long way path, full of thorns and stones, which has no end. It’s a continuous journey, which has different seasons, routes and turns, success is the name of enthusiasm and willingness to continue walking through this path, no matter what. Success is the sister consent of the phrase “never give up”.

The 5 “S” of success are:

Sensibility, the first “s” of success is to have the power to use your brain. Everyone has this particular show piece inside his or her skull, but success comes in the hands of those who uses it. The use of all your five senses, in the right way and at the right time is the game. As defined above, success is not limited to particular event, so better not confuse with fame of few days that you gain by luck, trick or cheat. Success is a pure function of sensibility that makes you feel satisfied even when the fist full of sand gets empty.

Strength, the power within yourself, the second “s” of success is the most technical point you will face in your journey. strength is not usually the muscular supremacy, but strength define the firmness of believe and determination to ward’s your goal. Strength is the power to stay confident with your decision, no matter what. No critics, no rival, no discouragement and move you an inch. Strength is a synonym of the ability to stand stiff as a mountain against every piece of dirt that has been thrown on you. The true success comes to those who can afford it.

Sharpness, Some of you might disagree, but yes! The third “s” of success is sharpness. You have to be sharp enough to fool the world. If people stand on your path to stop you from reaching your goal, simple take another route to reach your destination. Never tell your plans to anyone, not even your shadow. Plan a head, plan and work out for days ahead. Take an example of an aunt her, yes an aunt that petty insect, what she does? she gathers her food in the summer to restore it for the winter season. Have faith in Almighty that He will give, certainly He is the sustainer, the provider, the giver… but for those who helps themselves. Make a decision, think about it, review it, then just go ahead, if we get slower, then you will be lost in the crowd of a million people like you, who have wasted their time just thinking and planning. Give action to your plans.

Starvation, You must have hunger for your objective. The fourth “s” of success is starvation. The thirst and hunger for success. Make your goals the matter of your life and death, if you stay that much concerned about your destination, there could be nothing in between you and your way. Die if need be, trust me. Soldier doesn’t give away his life for the nation? He does, but he remains successful because success is not limited to life. It is a continuous process that makes your name alive for centuries to come. Have that eagerness and that thirst for your goal.

Sincerity, Success is not for those who plan evil for someone else! so if you have a goal to ruin someone else, then forget it… because you yourself will fall in the grave that you have been digging for someone. The fifth “s” of success is sincerity. Stay sincere to yourself and to others. Make goal to become a stair that not only reaches to the top itself, but leads others too. If you stay sincere and true to yourself and others, then success is just a step away.

After discovering the hidden truths about how to achieve success, now have a look that how can you stay aloof from failures. Similarly as we have discovered the new definition of success, now let’s see the practical definition of failure; Failure is any stop, junction or place on the way to success, where you say “I give up”.

The 5 “F” of failures are as follows:

Fear, The first “F” of failure is to have a feeling of fright. Fear of “what people will say”, fear of “how I can do this”, fear of “it is impossible”. Any kind of fear expect the fear of God, is injurious to success. The fear of people will lead you away from success and the fear of God will lead you away from the wrong means that you will think of adopting for gaining success. The confidence, the self-assurance, the firmness of soul and ability to stand by your decision will take you to your goal. If you shiver, you will be crushed. Remember, there is so much competition and race for one goal, that if you hesitate even once, you will miss the flight.

Fame, Well, some might disagree, but fame is the poison for success for those who take fame as granted. Once people start calling you their ideal and you start thinking of yourself as someone superior, it’s the time when you step on a slippery ground and you will experience a fall. Success is a continual journey, the world is round and there is no end point, so there is no point to decide that you are above or superior to anyone out there! If you are better than someone, try to become the best. Don’t think that you have reached the ceiling because the point you realize you have done, it’s the time when a snake will bite and drop you to one!

Fallacy, The third “F” of failure is fallacy. A wrong believe, a misconception and false inference. If your goal is based on some wrong presumption and judgments then just forget about the ultimate journey towards success. As you living with a bogus concept of your defined objectives, if your goals are unrealistic and fallacious then they can only take you towards improbable, temporary and fake success. If your goal is just to become successful in eyes of others, then congrats to you for a fake success.

Foolishness, The fourth “F” of failure is being a foolhardy. A dumb head and insane. The world is so cunning to eat up all your grains. Don’t be the one who gets tamed by other’s fake praises and untrue appreciation. Use your mind and stay focused. Please don’t misunderstand that the one who helps other is a fool, no helping is a good deed, but instead of becoming a consultant for your competitor by sharing your ideas, become a free rider by keeping your eyes open. The one who are fool enough to get convinced by other’s fake admiration, are always the one who are bypassed by others.

Fraud: The fifth “f” of failure, is ultimately the most secret one for us all. It’s the matter of being conscientious human being. Betrayals, bluffing, cheating, dissembling will help you to reach your destination! But will you really be successful this way? Not indeed! fraud is not the specialty to be found in successful people, fraud is the ailment, illness and fire that burn the true meaning of being successful. It leads you to failure, ultimate failure, for times to come. Even if you succeed (just by name), it will make your name blacklisted for future. Even you won’t be satisfied and stay unhappy when you will realize that no time has been left for life to end. Don’t make such choices that will make your death hectic for you. Succeed with an eternal success that will remain forever!

Try to adjust your goals and vision for the betterment of your nation. Be the one who not only live for own self, but also for others. Success comes to those who walk towards it. Success is a not a toy that once achieved, will either be torn or loose it’s value. Success is long journey, that, however, is adventurous and harsh, but it keeps you high-spirited and zealous if you really mean to achieve it.

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