China’s new dream project could stun everyone

water city


HONG KONG – China is just inches away from become world economic superpower, but its new dream project may be become new wonder of the world.

This incredible ‘Floating City’, which spans four square miles, comes with its own dock, roadways and farms to make it completely self-sufficient.

It would also feature vertical gardens, a hotel, entertainment complex and a huge floating arena which could host gigs and sports matches.

The Floating City has been designed by British and Asian architects. The city will be connected above water with a series of canals meaning eco-friendly boats and submarines could provide most of the transportation.

If the project were to become a reality, CCCC will use some of the same technologies they are currently using to build a 31-mile bridge between Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.

According to Dezeen, the proposal is now being reviewed by one of China’s largest property investors, China Transport Investment Co, for a smaller scale project that could be built off of Hong Kong.

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