Your leading hand is so important that even you don’t know



NEW YORK – Are you right hander or lefty? Your lead hand not just genetic issue, but it could also be influencing what food you eat, what clothes you buy and even your job applications, a new study claim.

Researchers from University of Chicago found, when faced with two almost identical products – one on the left-hand page of a book or menu, and another on the right, people will choose the product on the page that matches their lead hand.

Researchers also discovered that forcing someone to use their weaker hand can sway this preference the other way.

Daniel Casasanto from the University of Chicago said “the right-handed people opted for the right product or applicant, the left-handed opted for the left”.

To determine if this was an adult-only trait, researchers also asked children to put their favourite toys in a right- or left-hand box. Children, like adults in the previous test, chose to put their favourite toys in the box on the same side as their dominant hand.


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