9 simple and power keys to boast your confidence



NEW YORK – It’s a simple human truth: We are often our own biggest critics.

Whether it’s our job performance, our appearance or a piece of creative work, no matter how many compliments we get, sometimes we just don’t believe we’re good enough.

We could all use a little boost every now and then, and the resulting confidence can push us to move mountains.

If you’re looking for a little encouragement, check out the self-assuring affirmations below. Then take on the world with the knowledge that you’re capable of anything.

1. This challenge will bring out the best in me


2. I will see the best in myself


3. I know I can do this


4. I will thrive when life throws me a curveball


5. I love who I am becoming


6. I am worthy of this opportunity


7. I have the power to achieve my goals


8. I have so many good qualities to share with the world


9. I am always growing and developing


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